Wendy’s House is a supper club in Manchester, run by Chef Wendy Swetnam.

An alternative to restaurant dining, this supper club provides a unique social and culinary experience, where guests are welcomed in to Wendy’s home to enjoy quality, interesting and British vegetarian food in friendly and comfortable surroundings.

“Wendy is without a doubt one of the best vegetarian chefs in the UK. It’s always an absolute pleasure to see her and to eat her food. She’s got an inspiring passion for all things culinary which is clear when you sample her cooking.”

Eddie Shepherd, award winning vegetarian chef.

“I would describe Wendy’s House Supper Club as being professional in the very best sense of the word. But do not expect cold professionalism; expect a warm welcome, an informal atmosphere in a cosy house with an intimate table that seats eight, and an unassuming chef. The professionalism comes through in an attention to detail that would be overlooked in many restaurants.”